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Nü Wüd is a new flooring product designed for heavy commercial performance. With a dimensionally stable core with a density of 2050 lbs and static load of 5947 psi, NüWüd was designed with one purpose, a flooring that looks and feels like wood but none of its weaknesses. Its wet moppable and water resistant. In testing it survived with no visible swelling in water for 96 hours, but we only warranty the product from spills and wet mopping. You can install it free floating with its Angle Drop and Lock system without transitions up to 75 feet or with pressure sensitive adhesives for greater lengths. NüWüd is highly scratch and dent resistant but there is no warranty given for scratching or denting due to abuse, as all materials including stones and metals can be scratched with enough force. Lastly the flooring can with stand great variance in temperatures in the home and office, as the free floating product will have very small contraction and expansion compared to wood, laminates, LVT, WPC/EVP and other flooring options. Visit a showroom that carries NüWüd and take a look for yourself. It’s an affordable option with heavy commercial and residential applications. Please pair with an EVA or IXPE underlayment for best results.

  • Product Type: DYNO-CORE
  • Dimensions: 6.53″  x 47.87″
  • Sq. Ft./Carton: 13.036
  • Wear Layer: Diamante Wear Layer TRUE AC5
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Warranty: Lifetime Structural / 15 Year limited Commercial
  • Core: Moisture Resistant
  • Installation: Drop & Lock
  • Extra Features: Certified FloorSCore & CARB III, Built in hydrostatic barrier, Dimensionally for Stable Heavy Commercial

Nü Wüd is Floor Score Certified  


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